The links [L] near each speaker are to lecture slides or paper. We hope to add all lecture slides before long. Please report errors.

Invited lectures

Accepted contributed lectures

  1. Leandro Aurichi [L]
  2. Angelo Bella [L]
  3. Agata Caserta [L]
  4. Andrei Catalioto [L]
  5. Rita Ceppitelli [L]
  6. Pratulananda Das [L]
  7. Rodrigo Dias [L]
  8. Donco Dimovski [L]
  9. Simone Ferrari [L]
  10. Saak Gabriyelyan [L]
  11. David Gauld [L]
  12. David Guerrero Sánchez [L]
  13. Hisao Kato [L]
  14. Moiz-ud-Din Khan [L]
  15. Darko Kocev [L]
  16. Michał Machura [L]
  17. Nickolay Martynchuk [L]
  18. Sergey Medvedev [L]
  19. Athanasios Megaritis [L]
  20. Branislav Novotný [L]
  21. Anna Oblakova [L]
  22. Yasser Fermán Ortiz-Castillo [L]
  23. Selma Ozcag [L]
  24. Bruno Antonio Pansera [L]
  25. George Michael Reed
  26. Thomas Richmond [L]
  27. Alexander Sostaks [L]
  28. Daniel Soukup [L]
  29. Vitalij Tjatyrko [L]
  30. Marian Turzański [L]
  31. Cetin Vural [L]
  32. Laszlo Zsilinszky [L]

Abstracts and lecture schedule

The abstract submission deadline (May 20) is over. Indeed, the conference is over. Accepted abstracts can be viewed here.

Duration of talks: invited - 30 minutes; contributed - 20 minutes.

Workshop schedule: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

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