Some Papers of Stuart W. Margolis


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1. k-transformation semigroups and a conjecture of Tilson, J.Pure and App. Alg, 17(1980), 313-322

2. An upper bound for the complexity of transformation semigroups, with B. Tilson J. Alg. 73(1981), 518-537

3. On M-varieties generated by power monoids, Semigroup Forum 22(1981), 339-353

4. On the syntactic transformation semigroup of a finite biprefix code, Theor. comp. Sci., 21(1982),225-230

5. Continuous maps on block designs, with J. Dinitz, Ars Combinatoria,14(1982), 21-47

6. Continuous maps in finite projective spaces, with J. Dinitz,Congressius Numerantium, 35(1982), 239-247

7. Translational hulls and block designs, with J. Dinitz, Semigroup Forum 27(1983), 247-263

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10. On varieties of formal languages and variable length codes II, with J.E. Pin, J. Pure and Ap. Alg., 41(1986), 233-253

11. Inverse semigroups and extensions of groups by semilattices, with J.E. Pin, 110(1987), 277-297

12. Expansions, free inverse semigroups and Schutzenberger product, with J.E. Pin, 110(1987), 298-305

13. Inverse semigroups and varieties of finite semigroups, with J.E. Pin, 110(1987), 306-323

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18. New results on the conjecture of Rhodes and on the topological conjecture, with J.E. Pin, 1(1991), 314-341

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26. Bass-Serre theory for groupoids and the structure of regular semigroup amalgams, with S. Haataja and J. Meakin, J. of Alg., 183(1996)39-54

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31. Finite aperiodic semigroups with commuting idempotents and generalizations, with P.Higgins, Isr. J. of Math., 86(2000), 38-54

32. Closed subgroups in pro-V topologies and the extension problem for inverse automata, with M. Sapir and P. Weil, v.11 #4, (2001), 405-445

33. On one-relator groups and one-relator inverse monoids, with S. Ivanov and J. Meakin, J. Pure and App. Alg., 159(2001), 83-111

34. Combinatorial group theory, inverse monoids, automata and global semigroup theory, with M. Delgado and B. Steinberg, IJAC, 12(2002), 179-211

35. A complete rewrite system and normal forms for (S)_reg, with J.C. Birget, Semigroup Forum 65(2002) 348-373

36. On the Kurosh theorem and separability properties, with R. Gitik and B. Steinberg, J. Pure and App. Alg., 179(2003), 87-97

37. Words guaranteeing minimal image, with J.E. Pin and M.V. Volkov, Int. J. of Foundations of Computer Science, v. 15 #2 (2003), 259-275

38. Power semigroups and polynomial closure, with B. Steinberg, in the Proc. of the third international conference on words, languages and combinatorics

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43. Expansions of inverse semigroups, with M.V. Lawson and B. Steinberg, J. Austral. Math. Soc. 80(2006), 205-228

44. In McAlister's footsteps-A random ramble around the P-theorem, with M. Lawson, in Semigroups and Formal Languages, World Sci. Publ,(2007), 145-163

45. Two letter group codes that preserve aperiodicity of finite inverse automata, with J.C. Birget, Semigroup Forum 76(2008), 156-168,

46. Representation theory of finite semigroups, semigroup radicals and formal language theory, with J. Almeida, B. Steinberg, M. Volkov, Trans. AMS, 361(2009), 1429-1461

47. Subgroups of free idempotent generated semigroups need not be free,with M. Brittenham and J. Meakin, Journal of Algebra 321(2009), 3026-3042

48. Characterization of group radicals with an application to Malcev products, with J. Almeida, B. Steinberg, M. Volkov, Illinois J. of Math 54(2010), no.1 199-221

49. Semigroup identities in the monoid of 2x2 tropical matrices, with Z. Izhakian, Semigroup forum 80(2010), 191-218

50.  The quiver of an algebra associated to the Mantaci-Reutenauer descent algebra and the homology of regular monoids, with B. Steinberg, Algebra and Representation Theory14(2011), no. 1, 131-159

51. Quivers of monoids with basic algebras, with B. Steinberg, Compos. Math 148(2012), 1516-1560

52.The etale groupoid of an inverse semigroup as a groupoid of filters, with M. Lawson and B. Steinberg, to appear, Journal of Australian Math Society 2013

53. Combinatorial topology and the global dimension of algebras arising in combinatorics, submitted

54. Semigroups embeddable in hyperplane face monoids, submitted