Research Areas

Main research projects are listed below. There’s a lot more that isn’t covered here, but you can find by browsing the publications, by topic.

Algorithms and Computer Models of Human Social Cognition.

Algorithms that allow one agent to understand what others are doing, intend to do, and want to achieve.

A search engine for scientists, using machine learning to assist in searching for papers in a given topic.

The ISF Smart Swarms Center investigates mixed robot and animal swarms.

The Tolkien Project seeks to develop programming infrastructure (programming languages, simulators, libraries) to revolutionize the …

Multiple robots maintaining a geometric formation or localizing with respect to each other.

Distributed multi-robot teamwork control architecture. Whatever the task, the robots will act as a team.

Multiple robots maintaining a geometric formation, covering an area, or patrolling.

Multi-Robot Patrolling

Single- and Multi- Robot Coverage