Multi-Robot Teamwork in Coverage, Patrolling, and Formation Maintenance.

We investigated specific tasks—multi-robot formation maintenance, coverage, and patrolling—o understand how teamwork can be useful in improving on the state of the art:

  • We departed from prior work using control theory to handle formation maintenance, devising optimal graph-theoretical algorithms instead. This resulted in significantly improving reliability of moving formations, and cut location errors by half.
  • We developed various optimal, efficient, provably robust multi-robot coverage algorithms. These show, for example, that to minimize the coverage time, it might be necessary carry out redundant work.
  • We developed the first optimal, efficient, provably robust, multi-robot patrolling algorithms, for continuous areas and polylines. These distinguish two optimization criteria: patrolling frequency and adversary capture. Some of these have gone through a tech-transfer program with Israel’s leading defense contractors, e.g., Elbit and IAI, to patrol Israel’s borders.