Jewish Stuff

Here are a few things I've written on Jewish and Israeli topics:

Meta-Halakhah: Logic, Intuition, and the Unfolding of Jewish Law [Jason Aronson, 1996].


Seder Kinnim (in Hebrew), a mathematical commentary to Massechet Kinnim. Contact me for a copy.  

Higayon:Studies in Rabbinic Logic (5 volumes + book)  (co-edited with Ely Merzbach).

Mamlachtiut as a Tool of Oppression, in Democratic Culture 2000. (Hebrew version appeared in Nekudah, Kislev 5766) 


Yiddishkeit Without Ideology: A Letter to my Son in Tradition 2002.


Resolving Uncertainty: A Unified Overview of Rabbinic Methods English Hebrew


A constitution for the State of Israel  (drafted with several colleagues)  English Hebrew.

A report on civil rights violations during the disengagement by an organization I co-founded English Hebrew


A critique of the Israel Democracy Institute's proposed constitution Hebrew English

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