Chen Rozenshtein (PhD)

Yuval Dishi (Masters)

Lidor Elias (Masters)

Reut Asraf (Masters)

Ziv Ben David (Masters)

Eden Shuker (Masters)

Idan Toker (Masters)

Moshe Hanukoglu (Masters)

Noam Simon (Masters)

Tehila Wald (Masters)



Dr. Simon Shamoun (PostDoc) – Route acquisition in dynamic ad-hoc networks (2013)

Priel Levy (PhD) - Optimal Contest Design for Multi-Agent Systems (2019)

Eran Shaham (PhD, co-advisor: Boaz Ben Moshe) – Mining Co-clustering of Lagged Data (2014)

Igor Rochlin (PhD) – Information sharing in multi-agent cooperation with self-interested agents (2015)

Avshalom Elmalech (PhD) - Overcoming people's irrationality using agents (2016)

Chen Hajaj (PhD, co-advisor: Avinatan Hassidim) - Intelligent mechanisms and modern markets platforms (2016)

Shani Alkobi (PhD) – Information Providers and Value of Information in multi-agent systems (2017)

Itai Nahum (Masters) – The “snow plough” problem (2010)

Uri Goren (Masters) – Repeated Pandora’s problem with memory (2011)

Shai Shlomai (Masters, co-advisor: Sarit Kraus) - FAR- a new Fusion Along Routing method (2011)

Avshalom Elmalech (Masters) - Restructuring decisions to improve agent search (2011)

Gal Miller (Masters) – Combined ERS and BERS route discovery (2013)

Shani Alkobi (Masters, co-advisor: Esther David) – On the choice of obtaining and disclosing the common value in auctions (2013)

Israel Sofer (Masters, co-advisor: Avinatan Hassidim) - Negotiation in exploration-based environment (2013)

Nadav Sofi (Masters) - Effective deadlock resolution with self-interested partially-rational agents (2013)

Shahar Kosti (Masters, co-advisor: Gal Kaminka) - Intelligent user interface for multi-robot search (2013)

Lea Peretz (Masters) - Advanced service schemes for a self-Interested information platform (2014)

Moshe Mash (Masters) - Joint search with self-interested agents and the failure of cooperation enhancers (2014)

Priel Levy (Masters) – Intelligent advice provisioning for collaborative settings (2015)

Luba Golosman (Masters) – Efficiency and fairness in multi-agent cooperation (2016)

Guy Cohen (Masters) – Timing Rating Requests (2019)

Nadav Lisovtsev (Masters) – Building Trust in Iterative Advising (2019)

Michal Habani (Masters) – Minimizing number of interactions with information brokers (2019)

Michael Lipushkin (Masters) – Multi-prize contest design (2019)

Yoav Wizhendler (Masters) - A Preference Prediction for Equivalent Multi-Stage Lotteries (2020)

Ido Nimni (Masters) - Effective Operator Summaries Extraction (2020)

Nir Machlev (Masters) - Crowdworkers Performance as Human-Sensors for Robot Navigation (2020)

Michael Gershtein (Masters) - Approval voting with costly information (2020)

Alon Stern (Masters, co-advisor: Sarit Kraus) - A Negotiating Strategy for a Hybrid Goal Function in Multilateral Negotiation (2020)

Or Zipori (Masters) - Strategic Recommendation in Short-Horizon MABs (2021)