Current Students

PhD Students Erez Hartuv Multi-agent Scheduling Optimization in Dynamic Environments under Energy Constraints.
Hodaya Bar
Yohai Trabelsi
Elad Sarafian Lifelong Learning: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
Anat Hashavit Detecting and Debunking Malicious Activity in Online Networks.
Sharadhi Alape Suryanarayana Managing, Mining and Modeling Human Behavior in Online Environments.
Master Students
Guy Barash, Learner-Independent Targeted Data Omission Attacks (with Onn Shehory)
Tamar Stern, Stance detection for abstracts from PubMed Website.
Gideon Freund, Applications of Modeling State Distributions in Reinforcement and Imitation Learning.
Benjamin Wexler, Integrating Expert Knowledge into Reinforcement Learning for Robotics.
Osnat Akerman
Dror Levy

Former Students

PhD Students Eldad De-Mendossa A Relational Database based on Neural Networks (joint with Dr. Yosi Shiftan), February 1996
Onn Shehory Multi-agent Cooperation, June 1997
Ariel Felner Improving known search techniques and using them in dynamic environments, September 2001
Rina Azoulay-Schwartz Protocols, Strategies and Learning Techniques for Reaching Agreements More Effectively in Multi-Agent Systems, May 2002
Merav Hadad Combining Cooperative Planning and Temporal Reasoning in Dynamic Multi-agent Systems, May 2003
Dr Esther David Agents for Multi-Attribute Auctions, March 2004
Osher Yadgar Efficient Algorithms in Large-Scale Agent Systems, December 2005
David Sarne Negotiation and Coalition Formation in Costly Environments, January 2006. (Excellent)
Avi Rosenfeld Dynamic Coordination Methods for Robotic Teams (joint with Gal Kaminka), June 2007
Efrat Manisterski Protocols and strategies for agents teamwork, June 2007
Raz Lin Automated Agents for Bilateral Negotiation with Bounded Rational Agents under Uncertainty, March 2008
Roni Katz Efficient automated negotiators using generic and demographic opponent modeling, June 2008
Michal Chalamish Automated agents for mediated negotiations and simulation, February 2009
Ram Meshulam Cooperative Agents in Partially Known Environments, March 2009
Noa Agmon-Segal Models and Algorithmic Approaches for Cooperative Multi- Robot Systems (with Gal Kaminka), June 2008 (Excellent)
Inon Zukerman Agent Models for Enhanced Interaction in Cooperative and Competitive Environments (with Jeff Rosenschein), October 2009.
Shulamit Reches Statistical Models Assisting in Decision Making, May 2010.
Noam Hazon Social interaction under uncertainty in multi agent systems (joint with Yonatan Aumann), 2010.
Ariella Richardson Online Classification of Multiple Attribute Time Series (with Gal Kaminka), November, 2011.
Ron Adany Optimization in Dynamic Environments, January 2013.
Noam Peled Modeling argumentation strategies in humans and computer agents (with Kobi Gal), February 2014.
Tammar Machness Analysis and Algorithms for Team Formation and Inner-Communication, June 2014.
Galit Haim Learning Agents for Negotiating with People, December 2014.
Amos Azaria Automated Agents for Human Persuasion, March 2015.
Sigal Sina Covering and Uncovering Hidden Information, May 2016.
Ariel Rosenfeld Automated Agents for Advice Provision, November 2017.
Mor Sinay Effcient Strategies for Spatio Temporal Tasks, 2020.
Hanan Rosemarin Optimizing Agent–Human Interaction, 2020.
Master Students Avner Shoshany Path-Based Inheritance Systems: An Implementation (joint with Prof. Martin Golumbic), October 1994
Maier Fenster Coordination between Autonomous Agents without Communication: Using Focal-Point Techniques, November 1994
Amir Avenchick Inference System for Argumentation in Negotiations between Automatic Agents, October 1995
Galit Lemel A Strategic Model for Negotiation among Autonomous Agents, December 1995
Orna Schechter Sharing Resources through Negotiation in Multi-Agent Environments,November 1996
Ayelet Globerman A modal active-logic with focus of attention for reasoning in time, January 1997
Sigal Sina Tasks execution in an unknown environment (joint with Shlomo Engelson), May 1997
Rina Azoulay-Schwartz Negotiation Between Agents about File Allocation in Distributed Environment, June 1997
Michal El-Ran Models and Algorithms for Secure Knowledge Bases, June 1997
Merav Hadad Cooperation Among Agents, June 1997
Ariel Stollman Negotiation Methods for Automatic Agents, June 1997
Beatriz Krymolowski A Distributed Information System for Parking Allocation (joint with Orly Kremien), September 1997
Orna Aroch Distributed Problem Solving in Multi-Agent Environment,November 1997
Esther David Cooperative Information Agents, March 1998
Osher Yadgar A physics-oriented approach for distribution of delivery tasks in large scale automated-agent systems, September 1998
Revital Darshan-Vaknin Environment Mapping by a Robot while Executing Tasks (joint with Shlomo Engelson), February 1999
Haim Fayerstein Strategies and methods of learning to improve performance in auctions, August 2000
Aspir Freitsis Negotiations in the pollution sharing problem, August 2000
Penina Hoz-Weiss Automated Negotiator for Fishing Dispute, August 2001
Lea Tsaban Automated intelligent content selection tools for electronic newspapers, December 2001
Roni Stern Real time Optimal path searches,(joint with Ariel Felner), January 2002
Michal Chalamish Learning Users Interests for Providing Relevant Information, March 2002
Raz Lin Attaining Fast and Successful Search in E-Commerce Environments,June 2002
Alex Pomeransky The Manpower Collector Problem. (joint with Ariel Felner), October 2002
Shimon Pomeransky Finding Alternatives to Best Path. (joint with Ariel Felner), October 2002
Evyatar Sharabi Distributed algorithms for large-scale agent systems,November 2002
Gilad Taase Coalition Formation in the RFP domain with incomplete information (joint with Onn Shehory), January 2004
Yaron Shoshani Multi-agent Physical A* Using Large Pheromones (joint with Ariel Felner), March 2004
Ram Meshulam Improving Memory-Based-Heuristics, (joint with Ariel Felner), March 2004
Daphna Shifer The Value of Information in Negotiation (joint with Rina Azoulay-Schwartz), May 2004
Ariella Richardson Heuristic routing in comunication networks (joint with Yuval Shavitt),June 2004
Shavit Talman Multi-personality agents in multi-agent environment, October 2004
Roni Parshani Using Learning to optimize agent movement in Dynamic Gossip Networks, October 2004
Rotem Toister Automated Mediation for Bilateral Negotiation in a Crisis Simulation, January 2005
Moty Havlin The influence of Social Dependencies on Decision-Making in Environments with Full Visibility, March 2005
Aner Yarden Reliable and Efficient Distribute Algorithms for Verification in Very Large Scale Systems, March 2005
Saar Rosenberg Improved Cooperative Negotiation in a Multi-Agent System for Real-Time Load Balancing of Mobile Cellular Network, January 2007
Tammar Machness Utility Based Clustering, October 2007
Ortal Bitton Automated negotiators using generic learning model in multi-agents environments, December 2007
Gilad Armon (with Gal Kaminka), Supporting Collaborative Activity, January 2008
Victor Shafran (with Gal Kaminka) Multilateral Matchmaking and Hybrid Coverage in Multi Agent Systems, December 2008
Yinon Oshrat Using General Opponent Modeling to Improve Negotiation Outcomes, November 2009. (with Jeff Rosenschein)
Igor Vainer Obtaining Scalable and Accurate Classification in Large Scale Spatiotemporal Domains, November 2009 (with Gal Kaminka).
Shai Shelomai In-Network Aggregation Along Routing For Detection and Tracking in Wireless Sensors Networks, November 2011.
Ron Eyal Identifying Missing Node Information in Social Networks, October 2012.
Moshe Bittan Modelling Human Strategic Decisions using Facial Expressions and History, November 2013.
Asaf Frieder Effective Coordination in Mixed Agent-Human Teamss, March 2014.
Efrat Sless Efrat Sless, Multi-Robot Adversarial Patrolling: Detecting and Responding to Coordinated Attacks (with Noa Agmon), 2015.
Liat Sless Liat Sless, Forming Coalitions and Facilitating Relationships for Completing Tasks in Social Networks (with Noam Hazon), 2015.
Akiva Kleinerman The Efect of Transparency in Reciprocal Recommender Systems (with Ariel Rosenfeld), 2018.
Moshe Cohen Extended study on human aspects in speeding up reinforcement learning, (with Ariel Rosenfeld), 2018.
Albert Harounian Learning algorithms for understanding people’s intentions in autonomous cars, (with Ariel Rosenfeld), 2019.
Tal Shmueli Search Pathology in Multi-Player Game Trees, 2019 (with Inon Zuckerman).
Idan Achituv Interpretable Online Banking Fraud Detection based on Hierarchical Attention Mechanism, 2019 (with Jacob Goldberger).
Steven Lapp. Online Recommendation Policy for Optimizing Medical Image Reading, 2019 (with Ariel Rosenfeld).
Karin Sheri Destabilizing Networks By Removing Vertices Which are Essential to Network Functioning, 2020.
Naftali Waxman Preserving Friendships in K-Coalition (with Noam Hazon), 2020.
Aviram Aviv Domain independent advice provision for call center representatives, 2021.
Dolev Mutzari. Understanding Coalition Formation in Secure Stackelberg Games, 2021.
Shai Keynan. Applications Of Hyper Networks in RL, 2021.
Alon Stern. Negotiation Strategy for Tuning Between Individual Utility and Social Welfare in Multilateral Negotiation (with David Sarne), 2021.