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Welcome to the Homepage of Naomi D. Feldheim


   I am a senior lecturer in the mathematics department of Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel.


   Before coming here in October 2018, I spent a few enjoyable years as a postdoctoral research fellow in three different institutes:

   I spent one year (2017-2018) at the Mathemtaics department of the Weizmann Institute of Science, hosted by Ofer Zeitouni.

   Before that, I spent two years (2015-2017) at Stanford's Department of mathematics as an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow,

   hosted by Amir Dembo.

   Before that I spent one year (2014-2015) at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) at the university of Minnesota,

   participating in the thematical year's program "Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications". My local host was Dmitriy Bylik.

   I completed my Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2015 at Tel-Aviv university, under the excellent supervision of Mikhail Sodin.


   I am interested in the interplay between Analysis and Probability.

   In my research I often use tools from real, complex and harmonic analysis to solve problems which arise in probability and mathematical physics.

   For instance, I study how spectral methods may be used to study statistical properties of random waves.


   Specific topics I had the chance to work on include:


* Gaussian Stationary Processes


* Gaussian Analytic functions


* Discrete Gaussian fields


* Concentration and Anti-concentration


* Discrepancy Theory


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