Zagit: Viewer/Printer of Oren-made Documents


    The Zagit program allows viewing and printing documents written by the (terrific) scientific word-processor called Oren (you can contact the writer of that processor at the phone/address which appear in the opening screen of Zagit, which you are just about to dowload). The Zagit program works only on PC's. If you don't have access to a PC, don't bother downloading it.

    Problems. It is much more convenient to work with this software using Explorer than using Netscape. I warmly suggest obtaining and installing Explorer, since it is works very elegantly on PC-related stuff. (Some people are going to hate me for that last statement...)
    People reported problems when they used Zagit in Win2000. I didn't check that myself. I think it should be given a second chance.

Installing Zagit

    In order to install it, do the following steps:
    1. Click here to download ZAGIT.ZIP.
    2. Extract ZAGIT.ZIP to C:\zagit\ (I assume you have WINZIP installed on your PC).
    3. Run C:\zagit\zset (by double clicking it), and choose Display Card -> VGA -> 680x480 (even though you surely have a better display card - it seems that only this selection works properly. You my try other settings if this one does not work. Note further that you can set up your printer if it is not LaserJetII/III/..., using the same program).
    4. Save the settings (answer "yes" to all questions). Now Zagit is installed on your PC.

Opening a .ZGT file

    When you click on a file with extension .ZGT, you will be asked by win95/98/2K to tell it which program it should use to open it. Choose C:\zagit\zagit.exe From now on, you can open .ZGT files freely. You will no longer be prompted to give any details.

Help on using Zagit

    After opening Zagit, you can get help by pressing the F1 function key.

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