Software Reliability Methods

Author: Doron Peled, Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ, USA

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

Price: $59.95

ISBN: 0-387-95106-7

About This Book:

The book `Software Reliability Methods' presents a collection and comparison of current methods for dealing with software reliability. It compares between these methods, and shows their advantages and disadvantages. The book presents a description of the techniques, intended for a nonexpert audience with some minimal technical background (e.g., some training in software engineering, or basic computer science courses). It also describes some advanced techniques, aimed at researchers and practitioners in software engineering.

This text/reference is intended to be used as an introduction to software methods techniques, a source for learning about various ways to enhanced software reliability, a reference on formal methods technique, and also as a basis for a one semester university course in this subject. It suggests various projects and exercises for achieving "hands-on" experience with the various formal methods tools.

Course notes (powerpoint) that accompany the book can be found here.

Table of Contents: