Advanced Data Structures


Lecture Info

Lecturer:  Moshe Lewenstein

Prerequisites: Basic courses in Data Structures and Algorithms



Homework 1.           (on amortized analysis)
Homework 2.           (on hash function constructions)
Homework 3.           (on predecessor queries and word packing)
Homework 4.           (on self-adjusting data structures)


Reading Material

amortized analysis

Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein – Introduction to Algorithms


Perfect hash constructions

Michael L. Fredman, János Komlós, Endre Szemerédi: Storing a Sparse Table with 0(1) Worst Case Access Time. Journal of the ACM 31(3): 538-544, 1984.
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Rasmus Pagh and Flemming F. Rodler:  Cukoo Hashing. J. of Algorithms 51:122-144, 2004.

van Emde Boas trees

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P. van Emde Boas, R. Kaas, and E. Zijlstra. Design and implementation of an efficient priority queue. Math. Systems Theory, 10:99-127, 1977.

x-fast-tries  and  y-fast-tries

Dan E. Willard. Log-logarithmic worst case range queries are possible in space Θ(n). Information Processing Letters, 17(2):81-84, 1983.
Dan E. Willard. New trie data structures which support very fast search operations. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 28(3):379-394, 1984.

Exponential search trees

A. Andersson. Faster deterministic sorting and searching in linear space. Proc. 37th IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), 1996.

Fusion trees

Michael L. Fredman and Dan E. Willard. Surpassing the information theoretic bound with fusion trees. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 47:424-436, 1993

Self Adjusting Linked Lists

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Splay Trees

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Suffix Arrays

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M. Muthukrishnan, Efficient algorithms for document retrieval problems. In Proc. of SODA 2002.



Other Advanced Data Structure Courses

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Dynamic Data Structures, Faith Fich, U. of Toronto (2003)
Erik Demaine, MIT (2003)
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Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms, Rajeev Motwani, U. of Stanford, (2003/4)
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Data Structures and Graph Algorithms, Robert Tarjan, Princeton U.
External Memory Algorithms and Data Structures, Gerth Brodal,  U. of Aarhus, 2001

Algoritmer og Datastrukturer 1, Gerth Brodal, Aarhus U.    (For those of you who read Danish)
Algoritmer og Datastrukturer 2, Gerth Brodal, Aarhus U.   (For those of you who read Danish)