Ely Merzbach

Administrative Positions and Professional Activities

Treasurer, Israel Mathematical Union                                 1981-1983

Responsible for statistics studies, Dept. of Mathematics and
Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University                               1982-1986

Member, Directorate of Israel Orthodox Scientists Assoc.           1984, '86, '88

Director, Statistical Advisory Board, Dept. of Mathematics
and Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University                          1985-present

Member, Advisory Committee on Daylight Savings Time

and Traffic Accidents in Israel                                       1986

Chairman, Dept. of Mathematics, Michlala - Jerusalem

College for Women                                                    1987-1988

Member, Governing Board of the Israel Statistical

Association                                                             1987-1989

Member, Israel Public Council for Statistics, (Bar-Ilan

Univ. representative)                                                  1989-present

Chairman, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science,

Bar-Ilan University                                                    1989-1991

Member, Committee for New Immigrants, Bar-Ilan

University                                                              1991-1993

Member, Committee for the Bar-Ilan University extensions        1991-1993

Director, Industrial Mathematics Unit, Bar-Ilan University         1991-present

Member, National Committee for Professional Ethics in

Statistics                                                               1992-1995

Member, Governing Board, Mofet b'Yehuda, Industrial

Research and Development                                          1992-present

Member, Executive Committee, The Academic College of

Judea and Samaria                                                   1994-present

Chairman, Committee for Ties with High-Schools,

Bar-Ilan University                                                  1995-1996

Vice-Chairman, Committee for Registration,

Bar-Ilan University                                                  1995-1997

Member, Central Committee, Bar-Ilan University                 1995-1997

Academic Head, The Academic College of Judea and

Samaria                                                              1996-1997

Referee, for BSF, gif                                               1996-present

Chairman, Governing Board, Michlol Institute for

Torah Studies                                                       1997-present

External Examiner: University Paris 6, Technion,

University of Ottawa                                                 1997-present

Dean, Faculty of Science,
Bar-Ilan University                                                 1997-1999

Chairman, Ph.D. Committee,

Bar-Ilan University                                                 1999-2003

President, Tora Umadah Association,

Bar-Ilan University                                                 1999-2003