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Bar Ilan University

Background. Balancing between the individuals need for privacy and the publics right to know is an age-old concern. In the current information age, the pendulum has swung to the worse for privacy, with unprecedented amounts of sensitive private information being accumulated, stored, and not always well protected, by both government agencies and commercial entities. Some governments have set rules aimed at protecting privacy, but it is not yet clear how effective these are. The science of cryptography can offer technologies that may aid in protecting privacy, but their use must be guided by sound public policy.

Goal. This workshop is aimed at bringing together researches and opinion leaders from the cryptographic science and from the public administration to further our ability to provide viable solutions to the growing need for privacy.

Where: Bar Ilan University, Beck Auditorium

When: Thursday, April 26, 9:00-15:45

Registration. Participation is free, but please register by April 21st at: privacy.datamining@gmail.com
Participation for registered attendees includes lunch.
If you plan on coming with your private car, please include license plate number for free parking.

Sponsorship. The workshop is sponsored, in part, by a Ministry of Science grant on Privacy Preserving Data Mining ("Infrastructure Grant").

Organizers. Yonatan Aumann (BIU), Yehuda Lindell (BIU), Tal Zarsky (Haifa)

Program (titles are not final).

9:00-9:30: Registration. Coffee and refreshments.

Prof. Mina Teicher Chief Scientist, The Ministry of Science
Prof. Joseph Menis Rector, Bar Ilan University


Dr. Tal Zarsky (Law, Haifa University)
Privacy in the Digital Age: a Birdseye View


Prof. Shafi Goldwasser (Computer Science, MIT and Weizmann) -
Program Obfuscation: Can it be done?


Prof. Moni Naor (Computer Science, Weizmann) -
Proofs of Honest Behavior while Preserving Anonymity




Dr. Kobbi Nissim (Computer Science, Ben Gurion University) -
A Rigorous Approach to Defining Privacy


Prof. Yuval Yishai (Computer Science, Technion) -
Evaluating Branching Programs on Encrypted Data


Advocate Avner Pinchuk (Association of Civil Right in Israel) -
The Public Struggle for Privacy in Theory and Practice




Advocate Yoram Hacohen (Head of the Law, Information and
Technology Authority, Ministry of Justice, State of Israel) -

Privacy and Data Mining: the Regulatory Perspective and the
Legal Infrastructure


Dr. Benny Pinkas (Computer Science, Haifa University) -
Highly Efficient Secure Computation and Applications to
Privacy-Preserving Data Mining


Prof. Yonatan Aumann (Computer Science, Bar Ilan University) -
Covert Adversaries and Secure Multiparty Computation