Mikhael Gromov

1. A list of titles of Gromov's papers may be found on the I.H.E.S. server

2. See reviews of Gromov's papers in MathSciNet (Math Reviews)

3. Reviews of Gromov's five main systolic works (msn)

4. Gromov's 1996 paper "Systoles and intersystolic inequalities" is available at sem-cong 1 (once you reach the "sem-cong 1" site, click on the line
you may have to load it down in order to view the paper)

5. There is a number of inequalities in the systolic literature that could be described as "Gromov's inequality". Consult an introduction (pdf) to
   (a) Gromov's optimal stable 2-systolic inequality for complex projective space, as well as to
   (b) Gromov's 1-systolic inequality for essential manifolds.

6. Consult a list of over a dozen optimal systolic inequalities

7. Gromov's book has recently come out in a new edition

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