Katz, M.: Systolic geometry and topology. With an appendix by J. Solomon. Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, volume 137. American Mathematical Society, '07.

1. Page 40, theorem 5.2.1: the expression "aspherical surface" in the statement of the theorem should be replaced by "surface different from the sphere". Similarly, the line preceding the theorem should be deleted. (26 march '07)

2. On page 95, line 18, the reference [KatzS06a] should be replaced by [KatzR06] (5oct'08).

3. On page 100, line -10. Replace the reference "Rum79" by "Rud99" (5oct'08).

4. On page 116, Theorem 14.3.1 should be attributed to [KatzR06, Theorem 11.1] (5oct'08).

Additional corrections were kindly provided by Daniel Pape in june '11, as follows:
* p. 23, first line: perhaps it should read "the vectors $x_1$ and $x_2$" instead of "vectors $x_1$ and $x_2$".
* p. 31, Remark 4.1.7: "More speficially" should read "More specifically".
* p. 44: here \ell_0 used to denote both a path as well as its length.
* p. 44: "boundary case" might be replaced by "borderline case".
* p. 46: Remark 6.3.2: "applying" instead of "aplying".
* p. 47: after (6.4.2): In "A fiber of fibration q is" one could insert "the" in front of "fibration".
* p. 47: In the sentence before Theorem 6.4.1 it does not become clear that \mathcal{G}_0 denotes the round metric (though one notices this by reading the next page).
* p. 57, Remark 8.1.2 "need(s) to be smoothed".
* p. 60, at the bottom of the page, second line from below: "INdeed, [...]".
* p. 61, second line from top. "near optimal" could be replaced by "nearly optimal".
* p. 71: The claim that "a torus admits a unique holomorphic involution" is incorrect, and is not used in the sequel.

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