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A review by Marcel Guillaume appears at; see also Guillaume's review in pdf

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A response by Fraser appears at and our response to Fraser's response appears at 17a and 18e.

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A response by Schubring appears at
An illuminating MathSciNet review of Schubring's article by Albert C. Lewis can be found here:
Our response to Schubring's response appeared at Błaszczyk, P.; Kanovei, V.; Katz, M.; Sherry, D. "Controversies in the foundations of analysis: Comments on Schubring's Conflicts." Foundations of Science 22 (2017), no. 1, 125-140. See
Our response was reviewed by Lewis at

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A response by Edwards appears at
The response by Edwards was published at online first on 23 oct '15, as recorded in a pdf here: Edwards' response at online first
Our article to which Edwards responded was published at "online first" nearly two weeks later, on 5 nov '15, as recorded in a pdf here: The oud article at online first
Both pdfs were generated on 11nov'15 so as to preserve a record of the dates of "online first" publication, since these dates have already disappeared from the Springer site after the articles were published in an issue of the journal. We have not received any clarification from the journal as to why and how a response to our article could appear online before the publication of our article itself.

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A response by Amos Shalit: counterattack on Halmos's critique of nonstandard analysis

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