Pioneer Journal where reappraisal appeared Title Link to article containing reappraisal
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Gottfried Leibniz Erkenntnis "Leibniz's infinitesimals: Their fictionality, their modern implementations, and their foes from Berkeley to Russell and beyond" 13f
Gottfried Leibniz Studia Leibnitiana "Infinitesimals, imaginaries, ideals, and fictions" 14c
Gottfried Leibniz HOPOS "Leibniz versus Ishiguro: Closing a Quarter Century of Syncategoremania" 16a
Gottfried Leibniz Mat. Stud. "Leibniz's well-founded fictions and their interpretations" 18a
Gottfried Leibniz British Journal for the History of Math "Procedures of Leibnizian infinitesimal calculus: An account in three modern frameworks" 21a

Leibniz wrote in a 14/24 june 1695 letter to l'Hospital: "I use the term incomparable magnitudes to refer to [magnitudes] of which one multiplied by any finite number whatsoever, will be unable to exceed the other, in the same way [adopted by] Euclid in the fifth definition of the fifth book [of The Elements]." In modern editions of The Elements, the definition of comparability appears in Book V, Definition 4.

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