Mikhail Katz

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The lion is traditionally associated with the tribe of Yehuda, etymologically related to "Judaism" and "Jew".

email: x@math.biu.ac.il where x=katzmik
phone: (+972) 3-531-8194
office: room 227

Teaching in '23-'24:

Infinitesimal calculus 3, 88-230 (fall semester),
Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry 88-537 (fall semester),

Infinitesimal analysis 88-503 (spring semester).

Other courses: Analytic and differential geometry 88-201 (formerly 88-526), Differential geometry 88-826, Infinitesimal Calculus 88-132, Projective geometry 88-524, Complex functions 88-231.

Publications by Mikhail Katz

Arithmetic, Geometry, and Topology (AGT) Seminar: current schedule

Publications on the mathematics, history, and philosophy of infinitesimals

See also Fermat, Leibniz, Euler, Cauchy, Skolem, Robinson, Hrbacek, Infinitesimal analysis without the axiom of choice, Effective infinitesimals in R, Bishop Connes Halmos Sergeyev, Hyperreals and surreals, Depictions and viability


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My academic whakapapa can be traced back to Leibniz

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