Lectures in
Secure Networking and Commerce
using Cryptography

(c) Prof. Amir Herzberg (herzbea at cs dot biu dot ac dot il)

Computer Science Department, Bar Ilan University

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Subject / Title of Lecture

-- 0.1 Computer Networking Essentials
Intro to Computer Networks 0.2 Introduction to Network Security: simple introduction to network security and basic cryptography, appropriate as part of networking course.  In power-point and pdf formats.
Intro to Security 0.3 Introduction to secure communication and commerce: threat models and simplified crypto
Intro to Applied Crypto 1

Introduction to cryptography and security: Principles, ciphers, pseudo-randomness, encryption schemes.

2 Hashing, One Way Functions and Commitment
3 Authentication and shared key distribution

Public Key Cryptography


Public Key Digital Signatures


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


Resiliency to penetrations and exposure (including secret sharing, distributed/threshold and proactive security)

Intro to Secure Communic. and Commerce 9

Web and Transaction Layer Security (TLS & SSL)


Internet Layer/Protocol security (IP-sec)


Denial-Of-Service and Intrusions Attacks on Hosts and Networks

11 XML & Security
12 Introduction to secure e-commerce, and: Resolving Disputes via Trusted Third Party Protocols (notarization, time-stamping, trusted delivery, certified mail, fair-exchange, contract signing,...)

Secure Payments and Banking

14 Secure E-Commerce Applications: Copyright Protection, Voting, Auctions
  15 Epilogue


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