Galit Haim

Galit Haim

Phd candidate
Computer Science Department

Office: Building 109, AI-lab
Updated Nov 21, 2011

I am a faculty member in the Computer Science department in the College of Management. I had got my Ph.D in Computer Science in Bar-Ilan University under
the supervision of Prof. Sarit Kraus.

Research Interests

Learning Human Negotiation Behavior Across Cultures, Learning Agents
for Negotiating with People, Machine Learning

Selected Publications

- G. Haim, Y. Gal, S. Kraus, B. An, Human-Computer Negotiation in Three-Player Market Settings, ECAI 2014

- G. Haim, Y. Gal, S. Kraus, B. An, Equlibrium Strategies for a Human-Computer Negotiation in a Three-Player Market Settings, HAIDM Workshop (in AAMAS) 2014

- G. Haim, Y. Gal, S. Kraus, M. Gelfend, A Culture Sensitive Human-Computer negotiation, Presented in: IAAI 2012: Israel, AAMAS 2012: Valencia, Spain and also in SwSTE 2012: Israel.

- G. Haim, A Culture Sensitive Computer-Agent in a Non-binding Multi-round Bilateral Negotiation, EASSS 2011, Girona, Spain

- G. Haim and Y. Gal and S. Kraus and Y. Blumberg, Learning Human Negotiation Behavior Across Cultures, Group Decision and Negotiation 2010, Delft, the Netherland.

- S. Argamon ,M. Koppel ,G. Avneri, Routing Documents According to Style, In Proc. First International Workshop on Innovative Internet Information Systems, Italy, 1998.

- S. Argamon-Engelson, M. Koppel and G. Avneri, Style-based Text Categorization: What Newspaper Am I Reading? Proceedings of the AAAI/ML Workshop on Text Categorization, 1998.