Combinatorics and Algebras

From A to Z

- Virtual Event -

July 26th-29th, 2021


FROM Amitai Regev TO Doron Zeilberger

About the Workshop

The workshop will be held in honor of Doron Zeilberger's 70th and Amitai Regev's 80th birthdays, and will present recent developments in areas to which they have made lasting contributions.

Invited speakers

Eli Aljadeff


Allan Berele

DePaul University

Shaoshi Chen

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Miriam Cohen

Ben-Gurion University

Aviezri Fraenkel

Weizmann Institute of Science

Maria Gorelik

Weizmann Institute of Science

Qing-Hu Hou

Tianjin University

Gil Kalai

Hebrew University

Manuel Kauers

Johannes Kepler University

Toufik Mansour

University of Haifa

Aaron Robertson

Colgate University

Thotsaporn Aek Thanatipanonda

Mahidol University

Vince Vatter

University of Florida


Registration is free, but required.
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Event Schedule

Mon, July 26Tue, July 27Wed, July 28Thu, July 29
10:00-10:30G. KalaiM. GorelikM. KauersC. Koutschan
10:40-11:10A. RobertsonE. AljadeffQ.-H. HouT. Thanatipanonda
11:20-11:50T. MansourM. CohenSocial EventS. Chen
12:00-12:30V. VatterA. BereleSocial EventA. Fraenkel

All times are EDT (= UTC – 4)
For example, 10 EDT = 14 UTC = 16 CEST = 17 Israel DT = 19:30 India ST = 22 China ST

Titles and Abstracts

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Additional Information

The workshop will be held each day 14:00-16:30 UTC (10:00-12:30 EDT, 17:00-19:30 Israel time)

Social Event, Wednesday 11:20-12:30 EDT

Including a musical piece played by Iris Regev


Organizing Committee

Ron Adin

Bar-Ilan University

Avraham Aizenbud

Weizmann Institute of Science

Arvind Ayyer

Indian Institute of Science

Robert Dougherty-Bliss

Rutgers University

Yuval Roichman

Bar-Ilan University