The workshop will be live on zoom. Each talk is 15 minutes long, with 5 extra minutes for discussion.

Program time zone: BST (GMT+1)

Please email Francesco to get the zoom link:

SESSION I (coordination, planning)

13:00 An Interactive Approach For the Analysis of Partially Observable Monte Carlo Planning Policies. Giulio Mazzi, Giovanni Bagolin, Alberto Castellini and Alessandro Farinelli.
13:20 Communication-Preserving Bids in Market-Based Task Allocation.Félix Quinton, Christophe Grand and Charles Lesire.
13:40 Market-based Multi-robot coordination with HTN planning. Antoine Milot, Estelle Chauveau, Simon Lacroix and Charles Lesire.

SESSION II (benchmarking, manipulation, anomaly detection)

14:00 RoSmEEry: Robotic Simulated Environment for Evaluation and Benchmarking of Semantic Mapping Algorithms. Sara Kaszuba, Sandeep Reddy Sabbella, Vincenzo Suriani, Francesco Riccio and Daniele Nardi.
14:20 Towards a Framework for Changing-Contact Robot Manipulation. Saif Sidhik, Mohan Sridharan and Dirk Ruiken.
14:40 A Minimally Supervised Approach Based on Variational Autoencoders for Anomaly Detection in Autonomous Robots. Davide Azzalini, Luca Bonali and Francesco Amigoni.

15:00 Keynote talk: Kagan Tumer
          Long-Term Autonomy: Learning What Matters When.

SESSION III (learning)

16:00 RAIL: A modular framework for Reinforcement-learning-based Adversarial Imitation Learning. Eddy Hudson, Garrett Warnell and Peter Stone.
16:20 Interpretable and Personalized Apprenticeship Scheduling: Learning Interpretable Scheduling Policies from Heterogeneous User Demonstrations. Rohan Paleja, Andrew Silva, Letian Chen and Matthew Gombolay.
16:40 Learning to Cooperate using Deep Reinforcement Learning in a Multi-Agent System. Nabil Khan and Maria Gini.

17:00 Closing