Course Requirements:

Course Assessment

The primary assessments in this course are several focused homework assignments (40%), and the final exam (60% of overall grade). There are 4 passing conditions as detailed below. Additionally, the zoom classes will have online quizzes (during class time) that will check your understanding of the material. These will not affect your final grade, but you will have to participate in at least 8 of them in order to pass the course.

Passing Conditions

In order to pass the course students will have to meet the following 3 criteria:

  1. Submit and Pass all 4 assignments on time

  2. Attend and Pass the Final Exam

  3. Meet the Academic Integrity Statement below

Homework Assignments (40%)

These are programming and theoretical assignments that reinforce the understanding and the application of the concepts and algorithms that are presented in class. They involve coding, data analysis, written questions, linguistic practice/applications, and so on.

You must submit all assignments in time and get an overall passing grade (>60) in the assignments in order to pass the course.

Late policy: each assignment has a due date, and an assignment must be submitted in time. Each student has a total of 10 days that they can distribute as they see fit for late submission without a penalty (for example, you may choose to be 3 days late on assignment 1, 5 days late on assignment 2, and 2 days late on assignment 4, or any other such combination). Any late day beyond that will cost you 20% of the corresponding assignment grade. If you need to submit late for a valid reason (Miluim, hospitalization, etc) please go through the department secretary, who will notify the course staff.

Exam (60%)

The will contain a mix of open and close (multiple choice) questions. It will likely be held online, according to university and COVID-19 policy. More instructions on the technical aspects of the exam will follow in due time.


We encourage the following activities:

Showing up to classes.

Opening the camera during zoom sessions.

Participating in the zoom chat discussions.

Participating in the piazza discussions (eg, answering fellow students).


All course materials, including the syllabus, schedule, lecture slides, piazza forum link and lecture zoom links will appear on the public course website:

The Piazza platform will be used to provide a discussion forum.

All material-related questions should be posted publicly on piazza. We will not respond to emails about material related questions.

Private emails to course staff should be directed to the course email address, listed on the course website.

Assignments should be submitted through the “submit” system (instructions on the course website).

Academic Integrity

In this course, you will be asked to participate at times as an individual and at times working in a team of two. Exams should be completed entirely on your own. Exam questions should not be posted online or disclosed to other students, under no circumstances, in no medium. The same goes for official answers to homework assignments. You should not disclose, post online, text and orally deliver the answers to the questions in the homework assignments.

For homework assignments, you are expected to write code/text and perform analyses yourself unless directed otherwise. I.e., don't copy solutions from other students and don't share your solution with them. You are encouraged to discuss concepts and implementation stumbling blocks with fellow students, within reason. The online discussion forum and office hours are good opportunities for this.

Furthermore, for both theoretical and coding assignments, you are not allowed to copy-paste code from a fellow student or an online/offline repository. You need to write the code or the answers for the assignments from scratch yourself. If you wish to use any third-party package in your code, this package needs to be approved in advance by the course staff.

Part of treating others with respect is giving appropriate credit for ideas and scholarly works (including code). If you consult with other students on an assignment, report this in the work that you turn in. If in your code you use a library or implementation from another source, indicate that as well (minimally by including a URL in a comment). Instructors reserve the right to request an oral explanation of answers.

In research writing, it is important to give credit to other research that provides specific foundations to your work, as well as to published work that is closely related. If you discuss ideas/information from a publication, be sure to cite it; if you reuse the specific phrasing of other work, use quotation marks. Knowing when and how to give credit can be tricky at times, so when in doubt, ask!

Notice Regarding Sexual Misconduct

Please know that as faculty members we are against any form of misconduct, including relationship violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault. University policy also requires us to report any type of misconduct including sexual misconduct.

Bar Ilan has a number of fully confidential professional resources who can provide support and assistance in cases of sexual assault and other forms of misconduct.