Dew as source of water

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B.Kogan, A.Trahtman, The moisture from the air, hopes, doubts and facts. Journal of Arid Environments, London, 2, 53(2003), 231-240.


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Comment on "The Moisture from the Air as Water Resource in Arid Region: Hopes, Doubt and Facts" by Kogan & Trahtman
D. Beysens, I. Milimouk, V. Nikolayev, S. Berkowicz, M. Muselli, B. Heusinkveld, A.F.G. Jacobs. Journal of Arid Environments 2, 67(2006), 343-352

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Response to the comment on “The moisture from the air as water resource in arid region: Hopes, doubt and facts” by Beysens et al.
B. Kogan, A. Trahtman. Journal of Arid Environments 2, 67(2006), 353-356

Popular Science Magazine "New Scientist", London

Pyramids of Dew, Fred Pearce
Russian translation