Here are recommended books:
Vick: Homology Theory
Bredon: Topology and geometry
Hatcher: Algebraic topology (appears at
Munkres: Elements of Algebraic Topology (Our procedure for defining homotopies on quotient spaces is justified by Theorem 20.1 of this book. Take C to be the unit interval I, which is indeed locally compact.)
Lawson: Topology, a geometric approach

We will discuss the homework in the second half of class on the following dates:
HW1 (to be done by 25.3.20)
HW2 (to be done by 1.4.20)
HW3 (to be done by 29.4.20)
HW4 (to be done by 13.5.20)
HW5 (to be done by 20.5.20)
HW6 (to be done by 27.5.20)
HW7 (to be done by 3.6.20)
HW8 (to be done by 10.6.20)
HW9 (to be done by 17.6.20)
HW10 (to be done by 24.6.20)

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Exams from previous years: 18A, 18B, 19A, 19B.