Word Embeddings Comparison

A demo for comparing the different types of embeddings and observing their top contexts, based on the results in Dependency-Based Word Embeddings.
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Textual Entailment Engine

The full syntactic-based BIU inference engine.
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Health-care Exploration System

A text exploration system based on entailment graphs for facts and statements.
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PLIS: a Probabilistic Lexical Inference System

Enter a Text and a Hypothesis, choose your knowledge resources, set a transitivity limit and get the entailment probability.
To play with the online interactive viewer, go to PLIS demo page.
To download PLIS code and some of its resources, go to PLIS download page.
The inference system is based on a line of reasearch of Shnarch et al. (2011a, 2011b, 2012).

Lexical Resource Integrator

See all the terms that entail your input term and that are entailed by it! go to demo

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