Moshe Lewenstein
  Associate Professor

   Department of Computer Science
   Bar Ilan University
   Ramat Gan 52900, Israel

Office #: 323,  CS building
Phone: 03-531-7668  
Fax: 03-736-0498
email: moshe at


Brief Biography

I am currently the chairman of the Computer Science department. I have been with the department since 2003. Before joining the Computer Science Department at Bar Ilan University, I spent the years 2001-2002 in the Theory of Computation Group, Mathematical Sciences Department IBM TJ Watson Research Center and the year 2000 in the Computer Science Department, Courant Institute of Mathematical sciences in NYU as an assistant visiting professor.

Research Interests

Analysis of algorithms (especially string matching and approximation algorithms) and data structure design. For example, one of my favorite current topics is to create data structures for indexing; fast indexing, indexing with errors, online indexing, etc.  Another is parameterized pattern matching,  which is pattern matching with alphabet mappings that appears in applications such as program code duplications and image search.
Approximation algorithms problems that I find fascinating and am currently interested in are various TSP problems, especially the directed metric TSP, shortest superstring and special variants of matchings.


-  Chair - Dept. of Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University.
-  PC-Chair, CPM 2006, PC-member SODA 2006, SPIRE 2006, CPM 2005,  LATIN 2004, CPM 2001.


Webpages for courses

Advanced Data Structures


Can be found here

"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that."

Lewis Carroll, Through the looking glass.