Foundations of Cryptography (89-856)

Yehuda Lindell

In this course, we will study the theoretical foundations of modern cryptography. The focus of the course is to understand what cryptographic problems can be solved, and under what assumptions. Most of the course will follow the presentation of the relevant material in the books Foundations of Cryptography, Volumes 1 and 2, by Oded Goldreich. (Volume 1 can be found in the library in the "reserved" section. I hope that Volume 2 will also be made available.) The course obligations include exercises and a final exam. In addition, there will be reading assignments on important material that we will not have time to cover in class.

The course consists of 13 one-and-a-half hour lectures, and its syllabus can be found here.

Lecture Notes

I have written full lecture notes for the course; please send any errata that you may find. (Last updated March 19, 2017.)


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