Introduction to Cryptography (89-656)

Yehuda Lindell

The aim of this course is to teach the basic principles and concepts of modern cryptography. The focus of the course will be on cryptographic problems and their solutions, and will contain a mix of both theoretical and applied material. We will present definitions of security and will prove the security of the constructions we see according to these definitions. We will follow the textbook Introduction to Modern Cryptography, 2nd Edition by Jonathan Katz and myself.

The course consists of twelve lectures of two and a quarter hours each. In addition, a weekly tutorial of 45 minutes will be given.


The course syllabus can be found here in pdf.

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes here are from previous years and are now outdated. We will teach according to the textbook Introduction to Modern Cryptography, which has significant differences from these notes. Nevertheless, the notes may still be useful and are therefore still available here. The complete set of lecture notes is available here in pdf format.



A full example of a DDH group appears here.


Copies of the textbook Introduction to Modern Cryptography (first and second editions) can be found in the library.

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