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Articles Accepted for Publication:

“A forcing axiom deciding the generalized Souslin Hypothesis.” (with Assaf Rinot) — To appear, Canadian Journal of Mathematics. (pdf)

“Pseudo-Prikry sequences.” — To appear, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. (pdf)

“Simultaneous stationary reflection and square sequences.” (with Yair Hayut) Journal of Mathematical Logic. 17(2), 2017. (pdf)

“Reflection on the coloring and chromatic numbers.” (with Assaf Rinot) — To appear, Combinatorica. (pdf)

“Squares and narrow systems.” The Journal of Symbolic Logic. 82(3):834–859, 2017. (pdf)

“Aronszajn trees, square principles, and stationary reflection.” Mathematical Logic Quarterly. 63(3–4):265–281, 2017. (pdf)

“Bounded stationary reflection II.” Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. 168(1):50–71, 2017. (pdf)

“Covering properties and square principles.” Israel Journal of Mathematics. 220(2):617–648, 2017. (pdf)

“The Hanf number for amalgamation of coloring classes.” (with Alexei Kolesnikov) The Journal of Symbolic Logic. 81(2):570–583, 2016. (pdf)

“Bounded stationary reflection.” (with James Cummings) Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 144(2):861–873, 2016. (pdf)

“Good and bad points in scales.” Archive for Mathematical Logic. 53:749–777, 2014. (pdf)

“Squares and covering matrices.” Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. 165(2):673–694, 2014. (pdf)

“Evidence for the microscopic formation of mixed-symmetry states from magnetic moment measurements.” (V. Werner et al). Physical Review C. 78, 031301(R), 2008. (link)

Works submitted or in preparation:

“Squares, ascent paths, and chain conditions.” (with Philipp Lücke) — Submitted (pdf)

“Partitioning subsets of generalised scattered orders.” (with Thilo Weinert) — Submitted (pdf)

“Diagonal supercompact Radin forcing.” (with Omer Ben-Neria and Spencer Unger) — Submitted (pdf)

“Robust reflection principles.” — Submitted (pdf)

“Shared Risk in n-player Games.” (with Timothy Lambie-Hanson) — Submitted

Book Chapters:

In March 2011, I served as the scribe for Menachem Magidor's Appalachian Set Theory Workshop, entitled "On the Strengths and Weaknesses of Weak Squares." The notes now appear as a chapter of the book Appalachian Set Theory, published by Cambridge University Press.  (pdf)

Unpublished Notes

“Edge-colorings of infinite complete graphs.” (pdf)

“Iterations of ω1-Cohen forcing.” (pdf)