Mikhail Katz

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email: x@math.biu.ac.il where x=katzmik
phone: (+972) 3-531-8194
office: room 227

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Arithmetic, Geometry, and Topology (AGT) Seminar: current schedule




Department of Mathematics of Bar Ilan University, bird's eye view from Google Scholar see also this and this

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Academic calendar for '15-'16

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My academic whakapapa can be traced back to Leibniz

Fermat book in djvu


Infinitesimal Calculus 89-132 (fall semester)
Axiomatic geometry course 88-537 (fall semester)

Projective geometry course 88-524 (spring semester)
Analytic and differential geometry course 88-201 (formerly 88-526) (spring semester)
Differential geometry course 88-826 (spring semester)
Complex function course 88-231 (spring semester)

Menachos 27A (shiur daf yomi)


Plazagate: Park Plaza Retirement (Chicago) and its amazing electronic door.

IMU talk in .pdf format

FAQ: When is .999... less than 1?

A website for systolic geometry and topology

Current kashrus status of the faculty cafeteria in the irgun hasegel building on the Ramat Gan campus of Bar Ilan University

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Bar Ilan Mathematics Colloquium: '08-'09 schedule

Bnei Braq

Rav Zaks's Daf Yomi shiur at beineinu

Daf yomi shiur at kol halashon

Segal on Chofetz Chaim day 69A, day 69B

My Erdos number is 3:
Mikhail Katz coauthored with Vladimir Kanovei Proofs and retributions, or: why Sarah can't take limits
Vladimir Kanovei coauthored with Saharon Shelah A definable nonstandard model of the reals
Saharon Shelah coauthored with Paul Erdos Separability properties of almost-disjoint families of sets
(also through Nowik and Linial)
(also through Ely and Bialostocki)

More on infinitesimals