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Graduate project – Prediction the recovery chances of patients in intensive care department
In this work we collect immunology data (white blood cell, platelets, and red blood cell) that was taken from patients in intensive care and predict at each time point the recovery chances based on mathematical and statistical analyze. We use this analyze combine with a machine learning techniques to create a sufficient model with highly accurate prediction (other then 85%).
Matlab network toolbox
A comprehensive MatLab-based package for complex network manipulation and analysis available for download. The package is well documented (the documentation will gradually appear online) and is accompanied by nice tutorials some of which are quite illustrative and can be used getting initial experience with complex networks. The toolbox was created by Dr Lev Muchnik. I created some functions in the toolbox: an efficient algorithms for motifs enumeration, algorithm of short circle enumeration, graph connectivity,and counting algorithms of dynamical motifs.
Matlab network toolbox