Research Areas

Main research projects are listed below. There’s a lot more that isn’t covered here, but you can find by browsing the publications, by topic.

Single- and Multi- Robot Coverage

Algorithms and Computer Models of Human Social Cognition.

Algorithms that allow one agent to understand what others are doing, intend to do, and want to achieve.

A search engine for scientists, using machine learning to assist in searching for papers in a given topic.

The ISF Smart Swarms Center investigates mixed robot and animal swarms.

The Tolkien Project seeks to develop programming infrastructure (programming languages, simulators, libraries) to revolutionize the …

Multiple robots maintaining a geometric formation or localizing with respect to each other.

Distributed multi-robot teamwork control architecture. Whatever the task, the robots will act as a team.

Multiple robots maintaining a geometric formation, covering an area, or patrolling.