Modeling Other Agents from Observations (MOO 2004)

Also known as "Agent Tracking (W3)"

Workshop W3 at the International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

Mon, July 19, 2004, Columbia University, NY, USA

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Modeling other agents from observations involves learning and reasoning about agents based only on observations of their behavior, i.e., their interaction with the environment and with each other. The observed agents may be synthetic software agents, physical robots, or humans. Given observations of the actions (or other observable features) of agents, a modeling agent's task is to infer their beliefs, plans, intentions, goals, etc.

Workshop Details

Research Topics

The workshop will especially emphasize a discussion of challenges and trends: Reasoning with incomplete or incorrect knowledge of others, agent modeling on the web and in open multi-agent systems, modeling multiple agents and the interactions between them, inferring the capabilities of agents from observations, and using agent modeling for coordination and teamwork. The following areas of research are relevant:

Intended Audience

Modeling Other Agents (MOO) is a synergistic area of research in artificial intelligence, combining and unifying techniques of plan recognition, user modeling, multi-agent systems, intelligent user interfaces, human/computer interaction, natural language understanding, machine learning, and intention recognition. Agent modeling plays a crucial role in application areas ranging from e-commerce and collaborative filtering, to software assistants, to observation-based coordination, to overhearing, suspicious behavior recognition, and imitation. This wide-spread diversity of applications and disciplines, while producing a wealth of ideas and results, has unfortunately contributed to fragmentation in the field, as researchers publish relevant results in a wide spectrum of journals and conferences.

This workshop seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners of agent modeling from diverse backgrounds, to share in ideas and recent results. It will aim to identify important research directions and to identify opportunities for synthesis and unification.

Workshop Format

The one-day workshop will consist of a series of research presentations, organized into topical sessions (topics to be decided based on submissions). An interdisciplinary panel is planned, seeking to highlight research contributions and challenges unifying and differentiating the different sub-areas.

We are currently examining post-workshop publication venues, such as a journal special-issue and/or edited volume.

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