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Gal A. Kaminka

Research in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Professor, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Head of the MAVERICK Group
Computer Science Department and the Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center

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Almost all robots are autistic; very few humans are. And the best evidence we have so far, in both robotics and psychology, suggests that this gap is a computational challenge. Even given the right mechanics and electronics, robots cannot interact effectively with others, unless their computational brains are made to think about others.

My goal is to understand social intelligence; to understand the transition from a single mind, to many. To build robots that are socially-intelligent; that are able to reason about, manipulate, collaborate with, and coordinate with other robots and humans. To build computational models that explain social intelligence, that allow replication of it, that facilitate predictions of its occurrence, and that enable measurement and quantification.

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