Contact information:
Doron A. Peled,
Department of Computer Science
Bar Ilan University
Ramat Gan, 52900
Phone: +972(3)531 8765
Fax: +972(3)738 4056
email: (remove PPP, unless you are a spammer)

My research interests are Concurrency theory, Formal Verification, Formal Specification, Semantics of Programming Languages, Model Checking, Finite Automata, Software Testing, Temporal Logics, Partial order methods and Traces.

Invited ICALP talk on combining testing and verification.
Invited CAV tutorial on testing.
Dagstuhl talk on Message Sequence Charts.
Invited ATVA talk on Enforcing Temporal Behavior
Invited FORTEST talk on Black Box Checking Talk
Invited VISSAS lecture on test case generation
Invited IFM lecture on test case generation
Isola 2004 Talk
CIRM spring school on security 2005
ESSCaSS'06 Summer school (subset of the more updated set of lectures on formal methods).
Dagstuhl talk (Tacas 06 paper) on monitoring partial order snapshots
Combined TACAS+CAV talk: model checking based genetic programming + discriminative model checking
CAV 2012+ATVA 2012+Infinity 2012 talk
Persyval summer school talk on Probabilistic Distributed Systems

Students supervised:
Hongyang Qu (Phd, Warwick University, 2005)
Gal Katz (Bar Ilan University 2014)