Applied Probability Models for CS

89-919 (2018-2019)


Lecturer: Prof. Ido Dagan            Email: dagan at
Class Hours: Thursday 14:00-16:00
Assignments Grader: Ori Shapira       Email: obspp18 at gmail dot com


21/10/18       Welcome! See basic probability equations summary page.
25/10/18       The class of 01/11/18 is cancelled. You will be notified of a make-up time.
25/10/18       The first assignment is up (see below). Note that only questions 1, 2 and 4b can be answered with the course material learned by today's class. After next class you will be able to complete the whole assignment.
08/11/18       Lecture notes from previous years here are available here.
29/11/18       The second assignment is up (see below).
12/12/18       Note regarding assignment 2: Only round outputs if told to do so, otherwise the floating point precision is not critical (nor the 'e' casing). We allow a small rounding error in those outputs.
12/12/18       The first assignment's solution and grades are available. Anyone that handed in on time and answered all questions recieved 100.
22/12/18       The third assignment is up (see below).
03/01/19       Exams from previous years available here.
06/01/19       The second assignment's automatic scores should have been sent. The final assignment grades are available below.
20/01/19       The third assignment's grades are available below. Your PDF report should have been sent to you by email, possibly with comments inside. If you submitted a Word document, it may not have been sent. Email me and I'll send it to you manually.


Make sure to submit your exercises on time! Points will be taken off for late submissions.
Programming exercises should be submitted via the Submit web interface. Please make sure that you can login to this system.
Ex1 is to be submitted individually by each student, in class. You are encouraged to do the rest of the exercises in pairs.

Assignment 1 Solution Grades
Due on 15/11/18 in class (submit hard copies only NOT via Submit). This exercise should be done individually by each student.

Assignment 2 Solution Grades
Due on 20/12/18 (submit via Submit). This exercise must be done in pairs.

Assignment 3 Underflow and smoothing in EM Grades
Due on 10/01/19 (submit via Submit). This exercise should be done in pairs.