Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Fall 2018

Instructors: Prof. Ido Dagan and Dr. Yoav Goldberg
Emails: dagan,yogo /
Offices: Building 216
Office Hours: By email appointment


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  2. Assignment 2, deadline Dec 11, 2017. Submit on

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Machine Learning Reading Material

Students who do not take the Machine Learning course should read the first 3 chapters of the following Book.

You are encouraged to read chapters 4 and 5 also (as well as the rest of the book, but this is not needed for our class).


  1. Intro to Natural Language Processing, and discussion of the sentence-boundary detection task. slides | sentence boundary example 1 | example 2
    Optional reading: Gillick 2009

  2. PP Attachment and simple probabilistic modeling slides, data. python example .html .ipynb
    Parts of speech slides

  3. Part of speech tagging with HMMs slides

  4. Discriminative Training, more on Part of Speech Tagging slides slides2

  5. Sequence Segmentation. slides

  6. Syntax, PCFG, CKY. slides

  7. Distributional Similarity. slides

  8. More Distributional Similarity (embeddings). slides

  9. More Parsing (heads, lexicalization, annotation, reranking). slides

  10. Dependecny Parsing. slides

  11. Relation Extraction. slides Word Senses. slides.

  12. Unsupervised Learning and LDA. slides

  13. Coreference Resolution. slides

  14. Sentiment, Biases in Text, Ethics. main slides, "making a racist AI" .html,.ipynb, Bias In Text slides